This is old news, but who says I have to keep up, when you can stick it in the fridge, and it will keep forever?

Reading with Dad

There was this competition a while back, to promote children reading with their fathers or male carers. Very worthwhile idea, and let’s hope it got a few new readers going. The winning entry was this photo showing us how cool reading is, which I’ve not felt ready to tackle until the recent rise in temperature around here. And around here is exactly where it is. The winning boy goes to the same school as Son did for sixth form, and they apparently win lots of books for the school library, which is nice. It is a very wealthy neighbourhood, though.

The lucky boy winner gets to travel to Sweden (where else?) to visit the European Space Centre. I know someone else who would like to do that.

And don’t some people have annoyingly tidy fridges?

3 responses to “Chill

  1. I am sure the female carer did a quick spring-cleaning before she took the picture!

    Nice post 😀

  2. NOOOO! I want tooo goooooooooooo! :o(

  3. I must say that I love this picture and I’m glad they won. Although my more ecologically vigilant friends might have a bit of a problem with that open refrigerator door…

    Also, yes–poor girls. No space centre opportunity for them, then, eh?

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