Hej och välkomna!

And in order not to confuse the regulars or to spoil any new readers, that’s likely all the Swedish I’ll offer today. The witch has been chosen as blogger of the month by that trusty old magazine Vi, which I mention every now and then, in their book magazine ViLäser. One has to admire their superior taste, and their courage in plumping for something so foreign as one of their own blogging in English. But Swedes are a linguistic lot, so I hope this will work out well.


I did realise the other day, that in my eagerness 28 months ago to remain fairly anonymous, I might have overdone things ever so slightly. No name (but by now most of you know what the civilian witch is called), no geographical clues as to where she stores her broomstick (much) and no way to contact me other than by commenting and ‘screaming’ for help. Ever an unhelpful soul, I like it that way.

So, a few facts; I’m Swedish. I’ve lived in England for over a quarter century, and yes, that makes me really old. These days the broomstick cupboard can be found in Stockport, which I generally explain as Manchester’s Mölndal, if you think Göteborg. It’s famous for hats. Like Alice’s Mad Hatter, hat makers went mad because they were poisoned by something in the hat making process. Very nice.

I drive my family mad. They are the Resident IT Consultant, who despite being born in Scotland can say ‘koav’ which is halländska for korv (sausage). It’s Offspring, consisting of Son and Daughter, who these days are so old that I find myself borrowing other people’s children for author interviews whenever necessary. Their bookish exploits get milked for all that they are worth on these pages. Son is a Philip Pullman nerd on the highest level. Daughter loves several authors, and to prevent you all having a fight, I won’t mention names. But you know who you are.

I mostly write tongue-in-cheek comments about book related things, do reviews of books and interview many of my beloved authors. Bookwitch set out to be about children’s books only, but there is a fair amount of crime in these parts, too. My list of Aspie books has suggestions for books for readers with Asperger Syndrome.

Last but not least, little sister CultureWitch goes on and on about all sorts of things that are not books.



8 responses to “Hej och välkomna!

  1. adele geras

    Many congratulations, Bookwitch! Nice to be Blogger of the Month!

  2. Thank you for this general update, Bookwitch. I don’t think you’ve given up all that much privacy yet, but as you know, my basic instinct is criminal, which I try to sublimate as much as possible. Still, all I really have to do is find your son’s classmate’s refrigerator, and it’s a piece of cake from there.

    From my perspective, you aren’t that old, but I don’t know if that’s any consolation.

  3. So you mean that beautiful, young lady in your avatar is not you? Bet I’m older! Stay out of our fridges, btw.

  4. Bet you’re not.

  5. Tillykke! – congratulations!

  6. Grattis, stafettpinnen vandrar vidare! Jag kommer att läsa hos dig.

  7. Keep on witching, witch. You’re doing a grand job.
    BTW, who’re you betting on for the Carnegie? Your witchiness used to help you with predictions…..

  8. Oohh..! Do I have to? Siobhan. Or maybe Patrick.

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