When hell freezes over

Hell really does freeze in Deep Fear, Debi Gliori’s last Pure Dead novel. It’s a spectacular freeze, and it may be all Damp’s doing. I’m actually a little bit worried, because other than the fact that we sort of know it is hell, it reminds me quite a lot of, well, of Britain. The organisational structure seems similar. It works, or rather does not work, in the same way.


Never mind. One can always deal with one’s worries by eating. That’s one solution I know only too well. And S’tan seems to enjoy his food.

And then there is the baby’s revenge thing. I had one of those. Babies. They erupt from every possible orifice, and don’t smell terribly lovely. It did feel pretty hellish, and I’m not very surprised that even a high ranking demon can be brought to his knees by a human baby of the erupting variety. It could well be that leaky babies are the most powerful kind of weapon humans have. S’tan will have to look out. S’tan being the head of hell.

Other than hell, we have StregaSchloss, which seems to have turned into the setting for The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. Things look pretty bleak for humans and mythical beasts, but with two rather magical nannies, you’ll be OK-ish in the end. Or you can ask your solicitor for help.

Damp for President!

2 responses to “When hell freezes over

  1. Damn, but you’re good. Here was me thinking I’d covered my tracks regarding the Wolves of Willoughby Chase ( along with The Little White Horse, Five Children and It and My Family and Other Animals; the four points of my writer’s compass) but you found me out.

    In her new capacity as President, Damp would love you to be the minister for Pan-Global Reading for Enjoyment Rather Than Reading for Testing. The post is voluntary ( i.e. unpaid, sigh), but the fringe benefits are out of this world…

  2. It’s cold. Wolves all over the place. Subtle.

    It is a burden being so good. (And I’m nearly done, btw.)

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