More crime on holiday

I was talking to some library people in Preston at the weekend, and not surprisingly they try to fit in a little adult reading on holiday, since they are honorary teenagers the rest of the time. I would never leave my young books behind when I go away, but do admit to a higher proportion of adult crime for holidays. Not that they are holidays, really. I seem to blog ‘all day long’ wherever I am. 

So, I managed two grown-up crime novels on this latest trip. Roman Ruso I have already told you about, and in the same place as I found Ruth Downie, I also came across Adrian McKinty. I never ask for books for birthdays now, since somehow I don’t seem to need any extra ones, but I did this year, since I was wanting to catch up on Adrian’s books. The dutiful Son has taken it upon himself to provide.

First, then, is Hidden River, and like Fifty Grand it’s mostly set in Colorado, but for all that it’s pretty Irish. Write about what you know is an apt description, since it’s about young man from Carrickfergus ending up in Colorado, and with a little Oxford in the background. Sounds like Adrian himself, except I don’t think he is a disgraced ex-policeman with a drug problem.

Alex Lawson is, however, and he ends up in Colorado trying to solve the murder of his ex-girlfriend Victoria, while looking for heroin to take care of his daily needs. The wealthy, wannabe politician’s set in Denver is not a nice place to be, but everything points in this direction. Interestingly, Adrian tells the reader who ‘did it’ fairly openly, and you get early notice of when people are going to die, or that things will go dramatically pear-shaped. That doesn’t remove any of the suspense.

This is good stuff.

3 responses to “More crime on holiday

  1. Miss Witch

    You know whats strange. I still get letters from people complaining that it was too easy in Hidden River to figure out who done it. Of course it was easy I told you who done it on page 4.

    I spent 12 hours at Preston Bus Station once. It is not a happy memory.

  2. and you really should check out Dead I Well May Be if you can find it. you’re never supposed to say this (especially when you have a new title out) but I still think that its my best book.

  3. I just didn’t want to say outright where and who, but since you say so, then p 4 it is.

    I think that Son has the DIWMB situation in hand. He seems to know it’s out soon again, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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