Pure Delayed Magic, the interview

WayWoof Well, that took an inordinately long time, didn’t it? The Debi Gliori interview. My report from the trip to Scotland to see Debi Gliori was reported here weeks ago, and I kept thinking it would all be finished soon, and it never was. Debi herself has been very patient, or maybe she simply wishes to put off the moment of ‘truth.’

I have actually taken longer over an interview, but only once, and only just. It was great fun, though. Not the getting more and more delayed, but the writing.

The Resident IT Consultant is racing to finish reading the last Pure Dead Magic, and keeps harking on about it being for adults, really. So?


5 responses to “Pure Delayed Magic, the interview

  1. That was really a lovely interview to read. I’m sorry to say that I hadn’t caught on to Debi’s books yet, but I will certainly look for them now.

  2. You being into crime, they may well suit you. I think it just takes a bit of looking past the Harry Potter-clone idea. Because it isn’t remotely the same. Why Debi isn’t richer than JKR I don’t know.

  3. Very interesting, Bookwitch and I was bowled over by Debi’s wisteria! I shared a platform with her for a few minutes at Edinburgh Book Fest some years ago….it’s good to get to know her a bit better.

  4. That Wisteria was the only photo I suggested be taken; mainly because I didn’t expect the non-gardening photographer to understand the importance of a thing like that.

  5. I’d agree with the Resident IT Consultant. Picked up ‘Pure Dead Magic’ at the library last Saturday and read it that afternoon. Fast, freaky and funny I loved it! Especially Damp 🙂 Went online and ordered the whole set, sadly not the lovely velvet covers but the metallic paperbacks look almost as nice. Shall be joining family Strega-Borgia for more adventures this weekend and am looking forward to introducing my niece to the books next story time.

    Chalk up another successful Book Witch recommendation 🙂 Shall be making the series my Twitter book rec. this week too.

    Will go and read the interview now…

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