Cathy’s Ring

‘How is that possible?’ asked Daughter when she saw the newly arrived Cathy’s Ring by Jordan Weisman and Sean Stewart. ‘I felt they had tied things up quite neatly and couldn’t write any more.’ Well, I don’t know, because I have yet to find enough time to tackle the previous two Cathy books. I don’t usually rely on even my lovely family for book reviews, but felt that the speed with which Daughter devoured Cathy one and two was some sort of guarantee as to their desirability.

It was no different this time round. Daughter sounded a little superior when telling me I wouldn’t understand, but this time she really felt there could be no more books about Cathy. Still don’t know enough to be sure if she could be right.

But it seems Cathy’s Ring met expectations and was equally readable. I can testify to the speed. This book too, comes with all the bits and pieces that are clues and stuff, in an envelope inside the front cover. And I haven’t given up on the idea of reading them for the simple reason that they look good, and I would like to read them.

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