New witches in the square

Thanks to Son’s insistence his Grandmother has broadband, which is incredibly useful for bookwitches when they go to Scotland to do book-ish things. Big witch and little witch are in seriously uncharted waters right now. We are Edinburgh International Book Festival newbies, so we shall approach Charlotte Square with extra shaky knees.

So far we have met with nothing but helpful behaviour from the press people and others, so all that remains to be seen is what it’s like ‘in the flesh.’ Starting a new school comes to mind. We’ll use today for research purposes; to see how you do what and where. And possibly even why.

Having been cooked slowly en route for Scotland, courtesy of Transpennine, I suppose we’ll be rained out in the New Town, which is pretty old. It’s been suggested I wear wellies, but I don’t own any. I was going to say I’ll go for the elegant look, but I’m never elegant, so maybe not. According to Son they have deck walkways, and anyone who goes on the grass is an idiot. His words, not mine.

Right, we’re off to the train which will take us to Waverley. Very literary station, Waverley. It’s quite fitting, actually, since I had an early ‘literary’ experience in Menzies at Waverley many years ago. I may tell you about it one day, unless I already have?

3 responses to “New witches in the square

  1. Y’know, Tim Dowling pays his kids 50p for each mention they get in his column…

  2. It is so great to have these sons around to tell you what you are doing wrong .

    But enjoy Edinburgh – I wish I were there – and let us hear how (if) you survived without wellies.

  3. What is it about trains to and from poor Edinburgh? My most recent trip to London had malfunctioning air-conditioning in BOTH directions and two trains doing their best impersonations of sardine cans. (In this case, National Express was to blame.)

    It’s almost enough to drive one back into the arms of the airlines…

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