Norman Geras

Norm of Normblog has a regular feature called Writer’s Choice, where he invites authors to contribute an essay on a book they like, or which has been important to them for some reason. Now that he’s been at it for five years, he felt he needed to tidy up by compiling a comprehensive list of them all. So this is an index of the 225 posts. I haven’t counted them, so we’ll have to take Norm’s word for it.

I realised as I looked at the list that it suits me perfectly, because this way I can find a book or author I’m interested in, and then easily click on to the post itself. You can tell Austen is popular, and that in itself is fun, as you can get many ‘takes’ on the same novel.

Go click and enjoy!

(Photo by Adèle Geras)

2 responses to “Normbooks

  1. I’ve never been credited as a photographer before, Bookwitch! Thank you!

  2. When you bought that camera, it was the start of a whole new life for you!

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