Kindle CAP

Not being a Kindle owner, nor intending to become one, I have absolutely no idea how one buys Kindle books and gets them into that little contraption gadget thing. It’s probably quite easy.

Declan Burke

Last year I blogged about Declan Burke’s The Blue Orange, well before it was going to be published. Now two things have happened. Declan has gone and changed the title to Crime Always Pays (coincidentally the same as his crime blog, so he is not very imaginative, really). And to disprove the title, the publisher decided there’s no money in publishing really good crime novels, so ran away and left him in the lurch. Cowards!

Being a crafty type, Declan has looked into every other way of getting CAP to the world of crime readers, and has settled on Kindle. If you’re an up-to-date kind of reader who has indeed got a Kindle, now is the time to grab hold of Crime Always Pays. It’s simply a very amusing and mad crime novel, which any crime fan should enjoy.

Apart from the slight Kindle technical hitch, like if you haven’t got one, you may need to get hold of Declan’s novel The Big O first, seeing as CAP is the sequel. A select few of you can do that here.

(I’m afraid I stole the photo somewhere. Sorry!)

5 responses to “Kindle CAP

  1. I also have no idea how to use a Kindle, even though I’ve published to one. I don’t intend to become an owner either, because I rather fancy the new iLiad – which I also can’t afford!

    But for those of your readers who live outside the USA and can’t use the Kindle yet, I always recommend Feedbooks for multiple ebook formats, including Kindle-compatible and mobile ones. And the instructions at the site are very user-friendly.

  2. This is the first time I have heard about a really good reason to buy a Kindle – a good crime novel I cannot get in other ways.

    I have The Big O on my shelf so perhaps I should begin there. Nice picture you have stolen there, by the way.

  3. Yes, read The Big O, and if you like it, remember CAP is even funnier.

    I know. Declan looks particularly handsome in that photo. After I chose it, I decided it may be one of Mrs Declan’s.

  4. Ms Witch – You are too kind, ma’am … With this unsolicited plug, Mrs Ambassador, you are surely spoiling us, etc.

    Cheers, Dec

  5. If you call me ma’am once more I’ll have to blog about you again. I need to be treated rudely and casually to be normal.

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