Midweek trek 1b – or Professor Dame Jackie

Yesterday’s second event was the grand launch party for Hetty Feather, where Jacqueline Wilson celebrated in the company of friends, plus the witch and Daughter. This wonderful affair took place at the Foundling Museum in Bloomsbury, which is a thoroughly nice venue for something like this.

Jacqueline Wilson in conversation

Nicholas Tucker

The various lovely Random ladies helped look after us all, and the dainty little canapés were so nice that even Daughter could eat them. She snapped a lot, but primarily with her camera. She made me throw myself at Nicholas Tucker, at long last, to introduce myself. The poor man didn’t know what hit him, but was most charming and polite, while being given the megastar treatment from my own paparazza.

Nick Sharratt

It being a Nick sort of day, we also launched ourselves at Nick Sharratt, who was the one to make Daughter a Jacqueline Wilson fan, many years ago. She ‘read’ his Tracy Beaker pictures for a long time before any other reading could take place.

Jacqueline Wilson

And, needless to say, we tackled Professor Wilson herself. Jacqueline looked beautiful in a black dress with colourful embroidery round the neckline. Being a true professional she kept a signing pen in her pocket for those of us who were sufficiently overcome to beg an autograph. All we needed to do was hold her champagne.

The speech

Grand speech from Philippa Dickinson and another from Jacqueline, and flowers changed hands. There were thanks to Bob, Jacqueline’s driver, but we didn’t see him anywhere. And a most well deserved thanks to Naomi, doer of all things.

Then we fled, Cinderella style, on account of the trains running funny, and witches do need to get home.


Before all this, we had a great time with Meg Rosoff, who turned the tables and interviewed me, made the loveliest meringues with cream and berries, gave Daughter a DVD, made a fire (of the intentional kind), was patient with the neighbourhood children, let the dogs in and out and in and…


Juno, or is it Blue?

Then she insisted on driving us to the Hetty Feather launch, which we survived. No road rage tendencies this time. And we didn’t get lost. Or wet.

(Photos by H Giles)

8 responses to “Midweek trek 1b – or Professor Dame Jackie

  1. What wonderful pictures of Jacky’s party. We are so glad you enjoyed it. Bob – and his wife Julia – were most definitely there too.
    All the best

  2. Sounds like fun – wish I had been there.

  3. Ah well, maybe it was Bob in disguise, or I’m blind. He’s not the only one I missed.

  4. Wonderful pictures of MY party. Are you sure Helen didn’t retouch that meringue? Don’t remember it looking so nice.

    Juno, however is put out. Thinks she’s much more photogenic than Blue.

  5. Tell Juno there will be more pics later.

    Meringue looks quite good before it’s eaten. I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice my eating it to save it for posterity.

    You can get a job as meringue-putter-outer.

  6. JW via friend

    Dear Bookwitch and Daughter, I’m so pleased you came to my party! (How kind of Meg to drive you there). I feel very touched by all the kind things you said.I’m glad you enjoyed ‘Hetty Feather’.
    Love from Jacqueline xx

  7. The pup looks resigned…and the meringue looks delicious. The whole shebang sounds like a blast!

  8. this is my fave book ever!!!!!!i love all the Jacqueline Wilson books!plus i love reading!

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