They are starting younger

Bloggers are getting younger by the day. Unfortunately it’s not me who’s suddenly more youthful; it’s the ‘competition’ that’s picking up on the idea of blogging rather early in life. And let’s face it; the only reason I didn’t blog in the 1960s is the obvious one. I couldn’t type…

As I was saying, I have a new competitor, or maybe I shall be kind and call him a colleague. Bookreader is a reader of books, and he is only nine. But he is a good reader, and he blogs worryingly well. His blog is called The Books I Read and I suggest you have a little look. Not too long, mind, because I like to keep my customers.

Bookreader has so far only blogged about a few favourite books, but they are well selected. Unlike this witch he doesn’t mind telling it as it is. There is one that really doesn’t get many ‘out of five’. Honest.

4 responses to “They are starting younger

  1. As the mother of the 9-year-old in question – thank you so much Bookwitch for this lovely post. I suggested the blog for him because he’s a very social chatty boy – it’s hard to get him to stop and concentrate on a book. Being able to post his thoughts and gather followers and comments has encouraged him with his reading enormously, and now he’s getting friends to do guest blogs as well – and actively planning which books to feature next.

  2. I’m green with envy! I was never that sorted as a child.

  3. Kolla in Matildas bokhörna. Hon är 11.

  4. Tack för det! Ser lovande ut, så jag ska läsa mer senare.

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