When I ran out

Yesterday I breakfasted with my laptop. Whatever you may believe about me, I don’t usually. And it’s not because Daughter has gone to Uppsala. Normally the Resident IT Consultant would already be up, supplying the kitchen with the Saturday paper. But he slept late.

I like reading with my breakfast, at the kitchen table. As you well know, I have lots to read, but at the table I want to be hands-free, so read the paper, any magazines I have, catalogues, leaflets, pamphlets (they might be the same, for all I know), press releases for books. Anything. Because I’m so busy, I tend to build up a supply of vaguely out-of-date magazines, which means there is always something to grab.

The very last resort for the last twelve years has been my pile of the magazine Månadsjournalen; a now obsolete Swedish magazine. My Uncle subscribed to it, and gave me a very large pile of his old copies, and during the last dozen years I have diligently read my way through them. And this week I finished the last one, Månadsjournalen from December 1993. It’s got a beautiful portrait of Queen Silvia on the cover, and the article inside shows the reporter giggling with the ladies-in-waiting over the right choice of dress and make-up for the Queen. (Just imagine that happening here!)

I suppose I’ll have to go round some dentists’ waiting rooms and steal their old magazines, or it’ll be blogs and Facebook with meals in the future.

3 responses to “When I ran out

  1. I read all my favourite blogs (inc this one, of course) over breakfast. It’s a lovely way to ease myself awake!

  2. Yes, in a way I agree. (And thank you for the compliment!) But I need to get away from the screen for part of the day, so feel meal times are better spent with paper of some kind.

    And if I didn’t read newspapers and magazines then I don’t know when they’d ever get read.

  3. When I have the time, I also combine breakfast and computer, checking my mail (90 % is usually blog-related). But my real blog-round is left until the day´s work is over. Unfortunately, I am not nearly as good at waiting until I have finished my writing quote.

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