Not done with the horror yet…

Now that it’s safely November, I had intended the horror to be over until next year, but then I read Fiona Dunbar’s blog post recommending spooky books. Very good list. And of course she reminded me of that book I prefer not to dwell on. Because there are spookier books than my suggestions this past week.

You know I said before how scary Celia Rees is? When Celia isn’t writing wonderful historical novels, she writes spooky horror stories. I have read  several, and most of them are sort of ‘cosy spook’, which to my mind just means they are good stories with something ghostly, somewhere. Nothing to lose sleep over. Fiona’s recommended Blood Sinister is one of the cosies, to my mind. Enjoyable, but leaving with me with my wits intact.

City of Shadows

I had to go hunting in Son’s bookcase for that other scary book. It’s City of Shadows, and I wouldn’t dream of ‘reviewing’ it here. It was scary enough just reading it, all those years ago. It’s a trilogy, and whereas I would normally have hastened out to buy the other two books, in this case I didn’t. Still haven’t. Maybe they won’t be too bad. But you can’t be sure.

(If anyone out there has read A Trap in Time and The Host Rides Out, and found them lovely and sunny stories, please let me know.)

So, that just shows how brave I am. Do try them, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

One response to “Not done with the horror yet…

  1. The lady is so prolific! I can’t keep up. Will get this for Daughter who is virtually unscareable. Yes, my own list is relatively non-terrifying, since I had pre-teen readers in mind. Thanks for sorting me out!

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