2009 Stockport Schools’ Book Award

We all know what a disgrace I am, and I’m sure if I’d had the patience to wait until late Thursday morning, I’d have been furnished with the full results for my local book awards. But I didn’t, so that’s why a Wednesday evening event gets reported on Friday morning.

What I knew before the event, was that Mary Hooper won her category with Newes From the Dead and that Sally Nicholls would be in town, presumably to receive her prize for Ways to Live Forever. That was as far as my detective work got me, and I spent some time even getting that far.

Stockport Town Hall

I double checked the website on Wednesday night in the hopes that the results would miraculously have appeared. All I found was the information that it was a quarter to seven arrival for a quarter past five start. Yes, I know. I’m being picky, again. But some awards not only have press releases, but proof read their stuff before publishing.

Tried to do some clever guessing, and decided that Frank Cottrell Boyce was very likely to win with Cosmic, which he did. Good choice! Beware of the Frog by William Bee won the second youngest category, and I’m blushing as I admit to having no knowledge of either the book or the author. Luckily I have heard of Nick Sharratt, whose The Foggy Foggy Forest won the youngest age group prize, with what sounds a very FFFine book.

As I said, I know Sally and Mary both intended to travel to Stockport. Would have liked to know if the others were here to receive their awards. Frank doesn’t have far to come. All winners tend to get carted round to a school, or two, so I suppose that’s where they are as I’m writing this. It’s a cold and dismal day, but warmed by a book award it might feel better, and Stockport may even look half lovely.

4 responses to “2009 Stockport Schools’ Book Award

  1. “All I found was the information that it was a quarter to seven arrival for a quarter past five start.”

    Well, it didn’t really say that, did it? What’s actually on the site is “Doors Open 6.45pm for a 17.15pm start.” Now you and I both know that that’s incorrect (it should have been either 16.45 -17.15, or 6.45pm – 7.15pm) and, yes, it’s a mistake to mix the 12 and 24-hour clocks in that way. I don’t think anyone could seriously suggest that that indicates that doors open an hour and a half after the start of the event. I think to do so is a pretty cheap shot.

    Why not give some credit for the fact that the Awards now have a dedicated website (and a very nice looking one at that)? That’s a major improvement on previous years. I take your point about it not being updated, and that’s something they need to address, but I think there’s a lot to be positive about, myself.

  2. Very cheap shot. I agree. I said so at the time.

    The fact remains that the website looks nice, but fails to do what websites are supposed to do; inform and help.

    I contacted a couple of publishers to see if they knew what I couldn’t find out. They, too, were unsure and confused, and this was about their own shortlisted (or were they longlisted?) books. The authors on what looked to me like a shortlist, didn’t have enough information as to what was happening to them and their books.

    I’m not out to ‘get at’ people. I just want to have a functioning local book award. I can understand why I’m not wanted at the ceremony. I can’t understand why there isn’t any press info that’s useful and sent out in time.

  3. Bookwitch – apt name.

    As a teacher working in Stockport schools, I am very proud of this Awards Event and flummoxed that you would be so negative about this fantastic arena to inspire and encourage reading and books in our Borough. -Why do you feel the need to take cheap shots at all?

  4. It is, I agree.

    I love the idea of the award, actually.

    Would you like to provide me with your real email address so we can discuss this properly?

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