Salem Brownstone – All Along the Watchtowers

No longer a big comic reader, I still twitch a little when I spy something nice looking. And this is nice.

Do you remember the case of Nikhil Singh who is so ‘un-educated’ that British immigration can not let him return to this country? Well, this book which he illustrated, is very attractive. When I saw what it looked like on the website, I simply knew I needed to look a little closer.

And this will be so unfair, but I was less interested in the story, which is all about young Salem Brownstone who inherits his unknown father’s house. And some of Daddy’s little problems, like creepy characters and weird stones. At least I think it may have been a stone. I was so mesmerised by the pictures, I almost missed what John Harris Dunning has written.

The cover. Let’s start with the cover. Beautiful, in purple and black (I trust that wasn’t a groan I heard?), all swirly, and with a black menacing looking title square. Well, rectangle, to be precise. Inside, page after page of very black, and still swirly, cartoons. Sometimes it can be hard to tell what you are looking at, except that it’s art. Very dark.

Salem Brownstone - All along the watchtowers

I think it ends well. For Salem Brownstone, unless they think up a sequel where he has to chase round and save the world again.

I hope it will become better for Nikhil, too.

One response to “Salem Brownstone – All Along the Watchtowers

  1. Ooh, this looks good. I’ll put it on my Christmas list – thanks!

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