Eating Things on Sticks

Clare at Random snuck this Anne Fine book in with some others I had asked for. She thought it was worth a try. It was. It took a while, but I always intended to read Eating Things on Sticks. It travelled to Edinburgh with me, and Anne very kindly signed it for me after the debate with Melvin Burgess, which had been about rather more daring subjects than destroying houses on remote islands. By mistake.

Glerhus dill sotblug. Still don’t know what it means, but I can tell you it’s bad. It’s how the people on this island speak, and it affects the leaveability of the island. You can’t. And some people want to, but are stuck. (Philip Ardagh would love it there.)

So, Harry burns down his family’s kitchen, and then engineers a holiday with his Uncle Tristram, who quite frankly shouldn’t be allowed near cats or nephews. He’s in love with Morning Glory, who is very flaky indeed. She lives on the island with the sotblug lot.

This is a funny book. Read it.

I think I have read one other Anne Fine book, but am not sure. About time, wasn’t it? I was a wee bit scared of her, but I believe that even Melvin may be back on Anne’s Christmas card list. Or close. And I don’t aspire that high.

2 responses to “Eating Things on Sticks

  1. Anne Fine is a very fine writer indeed. Her Diary of A Killer Cat gets full marks for being the very first book my reluctant reader fell in love with, and besides that, it’s hilarious. As for being scary, let’s just say she appears to enjoy a bit of controversy. Ahem. So unlike the home life of my own dear self.

  2. Yes, my awkward reader also loves the Killer Cat. I think I have read it. I’m almost sure, except I can’t say what it’s about. Killer cat, I suppose.

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