Swimming with dolphins

He would go and do that, wouldn’t he? Nick Green annoyed me very slightly when he made his third novel available to download on his website a few months ago. I felt Nick shouldn’t give away his hard work, just like that. On the other hand, since he did, I got the book for free, as I downloaded straight away.

Now it turns out Nick has changed his mind (without telling me!), so there are no longer any downloads out there. Apart from mine, heh-heh. I do approve his decision, even if it means you can’t download or buy. You’d want to; I can tell you that much.

The Storm Bottle brings a new meaning to swimming with dolphins. Set in Bermuda, which Nick knows well enough to write sensibly about, it features two sets of brother and sister. The human set are Bibi and Michael, who are step siblings and they don’t get on. The dolphin set are Jill and Rodrigo, who do get on.

The humans go swimming in the wild, near the dolphins, when Michael has an accident, and then finds he has turned into Rodrigo instead, while poor Roddy has to try and survive as Michael. Bibi eventually works out that her step brother isn’t brain damaged as the adults suspect, but is a dolphin trapped in a boy’s body. She sets about working out how to reverse the process.

Much the same thing happens in the sea, where Michael has to learn to fish and look after his sister Jill, who is absolutely lovely. We get some wonderful insights into dolphin life. And it goes without saying that dolphins speak Spanish.

Bottles play their part in what happens, and so does Bibi’s friend Hal, and Rodrigo’s dolphin pals. But I must admit I didn’t see this particular end coming…

The Storm Bottle is that rare thing; a story that is a story, rather than something trying to fit in with the trend that publishers happen to believe in this month. Any publisher with sense will want to take on a story like this one. Or else!


2 responses to “Swimming with dolphins

  1. Now I’m jealous.
    Anything Nick’s written will be good… publish it, somebody, please!

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