To watch or not to watch

I think I may be lightweight enough (metaphorically, obviously) to prefer the 15-minute version of Hamlet.

Swedes have long admired the British for their wit. The English department at Gothenburg employed several such witty Englishmen to dazzle the Swedish students with their Englishness. They were usually called David something-or-other.

The short Hamlet was written by David Wright while he was still at school, if I remember correctly. He provided us students with copies of his admirably brief play, which was very funny, primarily because everything had to happen with such speed. I may still have it somewhere.

I rather wish it had been available at the Gardner Centre at Sussex University a few years later, when the Resident IT Consultant and I went to see Hamlet in the university theatre. I lasted – almost – until the interval. I had great difficulty staying awake, and after considering my lack of enjoyment, I actually got the train home alone and went to bed.

So my Hamlet track record isn’t the greatest.

Do I watch David Tennant in Hamlet tonight? The jury is still out. David T is quite lovely, isn’t he? But it does look like they intend to take three hours over it, instead of 15 minutes. On the other hand, my bed is closer, should I require it.


4 responses to “To watch or not to watch

  1. Well, let us know, won’t you?

    Hamlet is actually my favorite of the Shakespeare plays. I actually favor the Kenneth Branagh movie over Olivier’s, which is heresy in my family if not everywhere. Still haven’t seen the Mel Gibson version, which is rumored to be surprisingly good.

    Happy holidays–I saw the Bookwitch Christmas greeting, which looked scrumptious, but didn’t have time to respond.

  2. He got recorded for future needs.

    So you didn’t take a bite out of the Christmas card then?

  3. No, but not for lack of trying.

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