The Ahndorils

Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril, by Carl-Johan Paulin

I found this picture both fascinating and scary. It’s from the latest edition of the magazine Vi, which by some previously unheard of miracle turned up on the right day, i.e. before Christmas, which I’ve never experienced in the past. (It’s the Christmas edition with seasonal quizzes and stuff, which tend to feel irrelevant in mid January. Likewise the Christmas food recipes.)

Photo, yes. It’s good, from the point of view that so many magazines have rubbish photos these days, and I don’t enjoy them. But isn’t it a little scary, too? You can access the first part of the interview in Vi online, where there is another photo. The paper version of Vi has a third photo, and they are all large. All scary.

What I found fascinating was that just as I was about to read the article, I came across a mention of their much hyped crime novel Hypnotisören on the Scandinavian Crime Fiction blog, and a short discussion in the comments section ensued, involving Stieg Larsson’s translator. He has, unlike the witch, read the book, and was not impressed.

Vi has seemingly moved from their sheer utter disgust earlier this autumn, that ‘proper’ authors should lower themselves to writing popular books for money, to admiring them. Hence the interview.

I’m all for people entertaining others and for authors to make money. I’m just a little concerned over the automatic assumption by both Vi and the Ahndorils that they really are such very proper and such very real authors. Some quite lofty remarks were made by both of them, along lines that tend to make me a bit nauseous.

(Photo by Carl-Johan Paulin)

2 responses to “The Ahndorils

  1. Is that a body guard, a butler, or their concocted bestselling author persona standing in the back? He is both well-dressed and headless. Hmm….

  2. I think it’s the body… In one of the other pictures he’s lying on the floor, with only feet showing.

    Artistic, isn’t it?

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