These I loved

The year is almost over and I need another blog post for 2009 and I spent too long at the laptop hospital for any peace and quiet and spare time to blog. So I was going to do my top ten books of the year, and then I chickened out when I realised how many people would come after me with a meat cleaver, so I’m making it my top five. Though that may add to the number of meat cleavers  out there…


What I need to point out is that I liked an enormous number of books this past year. I have only considered new books in 2009. And the list is anything but scientific, so now that I think of it, don’t pay any attention at all.

But here goes – alphabetically:

Morris Gleitzman, Then

Helen Grant, The Vanishing of Katharina Linden

Patrick Ness, The Ask and the Answer

Meg Rosoff, The Bride’s Farewell

Marcus Sedgwick, Revolver

Kate Thompson, The White Horse Trick

And yes, I know it’s six books. I’m a witch. I’m allowed. And besides, six is a nice witchy number.

It’s not ‘best’ books. It’s sort of ‘loved’ books. And did I mention that it’s impossible to do this kind of thing?

Have a nice New Year’s Eve!

6 responses to “These I loved

  1. A very classy group of six to be a part of, much obliged (especially Marcus’s, which deserves lots more attention). The witch has taste (present company excepted, of course). Happy New Year.

  2. Although I understand the distinction you’re making, I think, loved books are the best books, aren’t they?

    In any case, I’ll keep an eye out for these.

  3. I know, Patrick. But someone has to bear the burden of taste.

    Seana; yes and no. I’m not saying that in an objective way they are absolutely the best. It’s more about me.

  4. Objectivity is overrated, at least when it comes to the arts.

  5. Thanks Bookwitch! I am honoured. I’ll hang up my cleaver forever!

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