Wee and free

Wouldn’t mind a pet blue cheese. Possibly to eat, and preferably before he eats me. And far better than sliced pig, which is another word for ham. Enough to make anyone a vegetarian.

This witch has belatedly finished all three Tiffany Aching novels by Terry Pratchett. The only reason it took so long was that halfway through The Wee Free Men I lost interest in the plot. I loved the wee frees with their big hearts and kilts and bravery and stupidity, and Tiffany was fun. Then the bit with Roland felt like something else and I gave up.

I ignored A Hat Full of Sky when Son read it and enjoyed it, which was very stupid of me. I was at least as daft as Daft Wullie, and when I finally got to it a while back I beat myself soundly for having been an idiot. It’s where Tiffany goes away to learn witching and really matures with it. A bit like cheese, I suppose.

And then we have Wintersmith, with Horace the cheese, and the cold suitor Tiffany dances with by mistake. Roland gets to show how brave he is, and the Feegles are always brave, so don’t deserve any praise. Well, a little praise, maybe. These male characters aside, this is a book about women power and witch power and how far you get simply by using common sense.

It’s humorous, too, naturally. I can barely understand how Terry can continuously fit in so many tiny, funny and dry reflections on life. On almost every page there’s something I thought I’d need to make a note of for quotation purposes, but it soon becomes impossible.

Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg and Miss Tick and Miss Treason rock!

Tiffany is a queen among Terry’s characters, and hopefully we will see much more of her soon. (We should.)


3 responses to “Wee and free

  1. what a coincidence, i borrowed a hat full of sky from my neighbour five years ago and haven’t quiiite gotten round to reading it. will do so now.

  2. But you must read the first book first! Is the neighbour still speaking to you?

  3. they have not noticed it missing.

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