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So from Tiffany Aching in yesterday’s post, we have Bookwitch Aching today. Her poor shoulder feels less happy every day, so it’s clear that she really should have dropped one or two extremely heavy hints in the Random offices along the lines that the next Jiffybag might sensibly contain one of those rather comfortable chairs they have. The black folding ones in the room used for the covers meeting.

I didn’t, so it didn’t.

Anyway, we have been delayed in our grand plans for blog posts by GCSE certificates evening. And the aching.

The book covers meeting was most informative. When Daughter saw it listed on my programme for last Tuesday she turned green with envy, but that’s hardly my fault. She’d have liked to see – and do, I suspect – book cover design. Except her taste in these things is fraught with all the wrong opinions. She didn’t like ‘my’ cover in smokey blue with orange lettering.

I know I tend to sit here in my kitchen and offer lots of opinions on covers, and woe the kind of cover that puts me off a book. Now I can at least try to see it from their side, too. But I do wish they wouldn’t have to design everything with the buyer from the big chain in mind.

So, matt or glossy? Has the author won any awards that could be mentioned on the cover? What to do if there are too many words in that award so that it messes up the design? Left or right?

The cover image has been chosen from a page in the picture book, but the last page would look nicer, except it then gives away how the book ends. Glitter on the cover. Costs more. Glitter on the inside. It is very pretty, but I’m thinking mother-like thoughts here and seeing the glitter transferred to my furniture. Hmm.

‘Is it a bit random having a witch on?’ Someone asked this, and I forget who and about what. But surely a witch is always an excellent solution to just about anything? And they are Random, so no problem there either.

Sometimes an author is allowed to veto a design (I’ve heard many who moan over the cover they get, as well, so not everyone has a say.). But do they know best? Or even better? And why veto things so late? (And why am I writing this with so many question marks?) Philippa Dickinson appears not to fear ‘difficult’ authors, so decides she will deal with him/her. Nicely hands-on.

I see two cover suggestions for one of ‘my’ authors. The one with the dark blue background is by far the best.

6 responses to “Random covers

  1. I am fascinated by book covers, especially the differences between covers of same books according to the countries they get published in. It says so much about a country’s attitude to books.
    Anyway, so many covers look similar these days (all the Twilight clones for instance)! I know it is done so teens recognise the genre instantly, but it is really boring to look at, and gets very confusing too!

  2. Black with a dash of red? Quite.

    Meg Rosoff’s How I Live Now, which to my mind is set in lush south English style countryside, hedgerows and the whole caboodle, gets the wild moorland treatment with its Swedish cover. And Meg got a different breed of dog in Germany for Just In Case, ‘because they already had such a lovely photo of a dog’.

  3. I got a wonderful view of the White Cliffs of Dover for my novel set in a big house in Wiltshire from the Germans before I objected strenously and they changed it to something MUCH better! The French paperback of the same novel, Facing the Light, had an image of a wild-haired woman by a clearly Scottish loch! She may even have had a shawl on…not the cover for my book at all. Mostly I’ve been very lucky indeed esp with my Random House covers.

  4. ‘The Cat Kin’ (my first book, but then you may know that, Ann) has a new cover for its re-issue by Strident in the spring. And dare I say it is orders of magnitude better than the original Faber cover. It is almost enough to make me excited all over again…

  5. Nick! Loved the new cover!

  6. “I do wish they wouldn’t have to design everything with the buyer from the big chain in mind.” Well, exactly. It’s very frustrating.

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