I touched Terry Pratchett’s hat

‘I’m going to need to interview him,’ is what I thought that day about a year ago. It was just after Terry Pratchett had received his Knighthood, when it dawned on me that he was high up on my interview wish list. Very high up.

A witch can but ask, so that’s what I did and I wasn’t laughed at. Or not so I noticed, anyway. And a mere one year and thirteen days later I achieved what I’d set out to do, so it wasn’t long at all. (I wasn’t counting. But I can access old emails to see when I did what.) Not that I’m big on patience, but it is possible to gag yourself and to tie your email fingers behind your back once in a while.

I always claim that it’s possible to do a good interview in very little time, but as you can see it would have been less confusing for Terry had we not been interrupted to be told how much longer we had. (I know when my time is up as well as the next person. Or maybe even better.) For anyone who is wondering, I’d say that Terry seems perfectly clear in his mind and as full of mischief as his fans would want him to be. On the other hand, I would guess that his answers to my – possibly weird and unexpected – questions needed some thinking about. Hence a few erms and uhmms and … in our chat.

So, for Terry’s thoughts on everything from librarians to sex, read about it here

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