Missing Stieg

The fascination with Stieg Larsson won’t come to an end any time soon. Through Annika Bryn‘s blog I’ve just found some more hair raising news about Stieg and the mess he inadvertently left behind, as well as some mysterious happenings on hotmail.

Someone, who presumably suffers from that very Swedish malady – envy – has decided to carve out some fame for himself by telling media that Stieg Larsson was such a poor writer that there is no way he could have written the Millennium novels. So he, who shall remain nameless, has gone on television with his lies and speculation. You’d think that media could show they are not all spineless turncoats, but that seems to be too challenging a task.

Apparently Stieg wrote some very bad news copy thirty years before writing (or not…) The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which proves that someone else must have written those novels. (And perhaps ought to be entitled to the money.) Well, Stieg was twenty at the time, and there must be plenty of young men writing rubbish quality news or novels or whatever at that sort of age.

Annika Bryn, as Stieg’s friend, would like to prove that he did indeed write the three books, but was refused the right to take part in the television discussion on the subject. She must have felt which way the wind was turning some time ago, as she started looking at and editing some of the countless long emails she and Stieg exchanged in 2002 and 2003, back in November last year.

With this new theory going public she looked at them again. Or she would have, had they not disappeared from her hotmail. Annika has turned her account inside out and looked in every corner, but no emails, apart from two or three. Interesting coincidence.

She has published one long email on her blog, in which Stieg tells her how tired and stressed he’s feeling, but still goes on to discuss his ideas for the novels, the reasons for the violence, and how marvellous he thinks Lisbeth’s character is. He has lots of plans for her.

As Annika had hoped to do with her email collection, this email alone proves that the Millennium trilogy is Stieg’s work. The style of writing is just the same.

I hope the rest of the emails will surface again, and that they haven’t been cleaned out by hotmail, or hacked by someone. But you never know. If Lisbeth was here, she’d find them!

One response to “Missing Stieg

  1. Thanks so much for this, Bookwitch. What a story….sounds like something Steig himself would make up. Emails disappearing…it’s almost as though someone like the Girl herself were at work, only a baddie.

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