Drop Zone

The witch is not your average Andy McNab girl. Not in the slightest, although she has a lingering fondness for Alistair MacLean, and they are a little related. Andy does that thing which I approve of, which is to write about what you know. And he really does seem to know about skydiving, as well as covert operations and weapons. And stuff.

He writes macho books with plenty of action in an easy to read style, which ought to be ideal to get boys of all ages to read.  I enjoyed his new book Drop Zone more than I’d expected, and that’s despite reading with a cynical mind. So, if you want male adventure and a light read, you can do worse than to try Andy’s book.

Drop Zone is about Ethan, who is 17 and who lands a really different summer job at a skydiving centre. It doesn’t take long – naturally – for him to go from helping in the café and in the shop, to doing skydiving himself. From ‘simple’ skydiving it’s a short jump to joining the skydive team and their rather more secret tasks for MI5.

The skydiving and the centre is totally believable. The covert operations less so, but what do I know? Whether realistic or not, it’s exciting. It’s a page turner, and Ethan’s exploits could well be a model for uncertain teenage boys to follow. I’m never sure whether army ideals are good to thrust on impressionable young minds, but the alternatives are often far worse.

2 responses to “Drop Zone

  1. Ooh, Alistair MacLean – I’d forgotten about him. I loved those books, though they sometimes made me feel very very cold.

  2. Cold?

    You mustn’t forget Alistair. My problem is I haven’t got time to go back to him or many others.

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