Black Stars: Malorie Blackman

This useful short biography of Malorie Blackman was waiting to be reviewed quite some time ago, but after coming with me to London when I interviewed Malorie, my copy of the book somehow just disappeared into the bookcase as though its job was now over.

I was reminded of it by a recent comment on the blog, where someone asked for information about Malorie’s early life and how she started writing.

Malorie Blackman

And that’s exactly what you get in Verna Wilkins’s brief biography. It’s intended for young children, so the style is very simple. There are short chapters on Malorie’s childhood and teenage years, and finishes when she gets her first book published. It has a short interview at the end.

The bibliography of Malorie’s books would have been more useful if it had been up-to-date when it was published in 2008. The most recent book in the list is from 2001, and Malorie has had many books published since then.

It’s part of a series about black people who have succeeded in what they do, and this is sadly more necessary than I’d like to think. Malorie is a true black star, and luckily she’s not the only one. But there ought to be more.

2 responses to “Black Stars: Malorie Blackman

  1. Viva Malorie! Her Noughts and Crosses series was amazing and got so many kids really thinking. I still think she’d make a brilliant children’s laureate….

  2. I agree. We must organise a mass suggestion thing next time they want candidates.

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