More doggie tears

Greyfriars Bobby

I cried again. I knew I would, but I just had to read Linda Strachan’s take on Greyfriars Bobby. Linda offered me her book after I blogged about another GB version the other week. I suppose it’s rather like Greek Myths; a well known tale, whether based on truth or not, will invite many authors to have a go.

Maybe I’m hoping for a Greyfriars Bobby story with a happy ending? I don’t know.

There’s something about suffering dogs, and animal loyalty, which even gets to an old cynic like the witch. I know it’s ludicrous to hope for the policeman to live to old age, and for a happy ever after dog. There would be no story if that had happened. But…

This one felt slightly more ‘collected’, by which I mean it was mainly about little Bobby, and not so much about all the other people around him. Some nice pictures of Edinburgh from Sally J Collins, and you can sort of feel that rain. Brrr…

3 responses to “More doggie tears

  1. Oooooh! (No, this cynic is not crying for Bobby but for Edinburgh).

  2. Kom tillbaka, Dorte!

  3. Ja, det gør jeg helt bestemt. Men jeg ved ikke hvornår.

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