Uppsala snow

Son has temporarily abandoned the piles of snow in Uppsala and the -20C temperatures for balmy Edinburgh and its recent snow. Good thing I said he should wear his warm jacket there, too. It’s not as if it is spring just yet.

(Yes, I know we did Edinburgh yesterday as well.)

As the good boy he is, he has obviously spent the week at the library. Or maybe it was because his computer went into hospital? He needed to find a replacement. And you do at the library. If you’re in Edinburgh, anyway. Amazingly for a thoroughly computerised country, Uppsala is not a good place to be when your laptop falls ill.

In Edinburgh they not only have books and computers in the library. They have Dukes, too. More precisely, the Duke of Edinburgh wandered around the place while Son was doing whatever he was doing. I wondered if the D of E needed something to read, but it seems he just talked to people.

Well, he does share a name with the place, so I suppose we have to let him roam. At least there is still a library for him to talk to people in.

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