Privacy – or not…

As I may have mentioned before, I ‘read’ a monthly Swedish house magazine. Considering that Swedish papers aren’t allowed to print the names of people arrested for crimes (they are always ‘the 43-year-old’ or ‘the mother-of-five’), it’s strange how house magazines frequently identify the people whose houses they feature.

In the last issue there was a great house, and I particularly liked it because it’s near where mother-of-witch came from, so the style of architecture was exactly what I have been exposed to from an early age. Needless to say, I wouldn’t mind a house like that. Especially after someone else had restored it.

I didn’t recognise the name of the part of town it’s in, so I googled it, and got nowhere much. I then fed the name of the house owner into the online telephone directory, and got his full address and also a map of where the house is. That’s almost OK. What I also got was his date of birth and his ‘name day’, his mobile phone number and his email address. I also know that the domain name for a website with his name is still available to buy.

Once you know when someone’s birthday is, you can click on a link to send them flowers. Very handy. But if you should ever happen to find me, don’t bother. I’m allergic.

I didn’t take it any further, but people’s declared income is the next thing we may want to know. Exam results, obviously. I don’t think they do shoe size. Yet.

4 responses to “Privacy – or not…

  1. OK, where do I get these Swedish home magazines? I want a Swedish home very badly. (I did tell you that I nearly bought one after a holiday in Smaland, didn’t I?) A little red one with white trim. I still pine for it (tee hee).

  2. I suppose you beg, and then I may let you have them after I’m done.

    And you’re so funny. Don’t mention Småland to me. You can have your red cottage, but it will have to be in Halland.

  3. Isn’t that the one with dykes?

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