‘Web without ads’

We need ads on the Internet – apparently – in order not to kill off websites, starving for cash. Or so it said in the paper this week. But they are annoying, flashing and migraine inducing things. I gave up on Hotmail when I couldn’t even see my own inbox for all the flashing boxes.

I’ve chosen not to advertise anything on here, other than mentioning books, obviously. And sometimes publishers if they’ve been particularly helpful. Quite a few bloggers have advertising on their sites, and some do it better than others. I like the way Candy Gourlay has designed hers, but then the answer lies in that very sentence. Candy designed the page herself, which is why it looks good, while still being advertising. And Enn Kokk in Sweden has a discreet ad at the top, which never disturbs.

Actually, I lie. I do advertise, as you will see if you peer closely at my photo from the Gothenburg Book Fair above in the header. If you read mirror image you will find a publisher’s name there, which is totally unintentional. The Resident IT Consultant just put it there while helping me set up the blog, and I felt it was so suitable that it has stayed.

Maybe I’ll get myself another picture. Three years of one image is rather a long time. I’m sure I look dated, but one reason for not changing is that I don’t know what I should go for instead. What do you say? Books always look nice, but I fear it’s getting a little clichéd.

One reason for not wanting ads on here is that it will clutter up the page. And I’m not sure it would make me rich. The donate button idea pops into my head every so often, and always makes way to the idea of asking JKR for a (hefty) donation. And that thought immediately goes away again, because I would lose my independence if anyone gave me money. (However, don’t let that stop you!)

What would be nice is to find myself recommended on the Guardian’s book blog page as ‘sites we like’. I find the absence of a children’s book blog very notable. Also feel that those recommended on there have been left like that for several years now. I don’t think they are the best, by any means. Possibly some of the better known, but then they don’t need to be on there. From time to time I click on them, hoping to find something to make me break into raptures, but it never happens.

Feel free to start a campaign.

7 responses to “‘Web without ads’

  1. I have no interest in making my own blog a commercial affair but don’t mind if others do particularly. I’ve gotten a couple of ‘requests’ from on line businesses asking if I would mention their product and get a certain amount of cash for so many mentions, or something like that. That seems a bit dubious to me. It’s also quite obviously search engine driven, as no one who actually read my blog would think it was good vehicle for a certain brand of boots to be mentioned, or on the other hand cooking products.

    I don’t think I would be opposed to advertising if I could actually control the content, though. Books I’d like to help along and so on.

  2. Skip the ads. Go straight for bribes.

  3. My usual one is a holiday on the Swedish west coast. The best coast.

  4. Oh, I’m open to bribes as well. It’s just that they never are actually presented.

  5. I’m glad you mention independence – exactly my reason for publishing electronically. And I don’t ‘do’ advertising either.

    Not only do we need more children’s book blogs, we need a couple that take children’s e-fiction seriously (or e-fiction altogether). However, I’m not holding my breath …

  6. No no no, foolish witch. You’re supposed to TAKE bribes not OFFER them.

  7. Oh, I thought you were asking for something, Meg…

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