Bookwitch bites

No she doesn’t. Or not very much.

This is bites, as in small somethings.

You may be blissfully unaware of this, but one of my most asked questions in the comments section is ‘When will there be auditions for Valkyrie Cain?’ Two years after the Derek Landy interview I came to the conclusion that we really need to find out, so I asked him. He took an age to reply. Maybe he’s writing a book. For anyone who missed what Derek had to say, I’ll paste it here for all to see: ” The answer to this question is, um, no…! Nothing fresh to report! No developments, no greenlight, no auditions! It’s an ongoing process… a LONG, ongoing process…!”

Another piece of news this week is that Anthony McGowan has a website, all of his own making. Or so he says. Not that he has it, I mean. That he made it. I think it looks very nice, and it’s got lots of pages with lots of information. Go and enjoy.

Websites can offer other things, too. Naomi Alderman has devised some sort of interactive reading-cum-computer game site called The Winter House. It looks very good, but I have to admit to having struggled a little with it. It’s not the website, it’s me. I’m old. In computer interactive areas I’m practically pre-historic. But that’s OK, because this site is intended to help ‘young people identify with the short story form. The story, which plays on the website like an animated film and includes game-like interactive elements, is nonetheless a single narrative with a third-person narrator – the central character Millie – whose father has been murdered. The Winter House hopes to encourage young adults to read stories online, how to make them interesting and visual, so that being on a computer is an encouragement to reading.’

And as the week draws to a close, I have to return to Monday’s meeting with Caroline Lawrence. She has let me see the first page of the Western Mysteries, and let me tell you this: It looks good. I could see myself wanting to read the second page some time soon, as a matter of fact. I suspect this will turn out to be quite an enjoyable series. Yeehah!

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