Bookwitch bites #3

There are new paperbacks out now of Sally Gardner’s two French revolution novels. Both The Red Necklace and The Silver Blade have been given facelifts (not that they needed it, but you know what it’s like), and it’s the usual thing for me. I don’t need more copies of the same novels, but they do look very good. Very must-have.

I was beginning to think my mind was playing tricks on me, but then I understood. Maybe. Jeanne Willis and Lydia Monks have a sort of new book out. I’ve previously mentioned a book that’s almost identical to Zits, Glitz & Body Bits, except the title is different and the contents vary a little. So this is probably an updated version of two books. That’s what I’m guessing. It’s about all those things that girls want to know about growing up. From where I stand it’s good advice too, as long as you pay no attention to that old misguided notion that fat people need to avoid horizontal stripes and go for vertical stripes. IT’S THE OTHER WAY AROUND! Trust me. I’m a Gudrun Sjödén customer.

I’ve vowed to mention Anthony McGowan often, so consider him mentioned this week, too. Nicely mentioned, however briefly.

Theresa Breslin has a new book out in April, and I will tell you more about Prisoner of the Inquisition soon. Meanwhile, there is some sort of competition for secondary schools to enter. It’s a case of acting out the opening scene in the book, and all instructions can be found here. It’s National Drama who are working with Theresa’s publisher on this. The winning school gets books and an event with Theresa, so get acting!

3 responses to “Bookwitch bites #3

  1. OK Bookwitch, I know this is a book blog not a fashion blog, but I have to say I recently discovered Gudrun Sjoden (sorry, can’t do the diacriticals) and the clothes are wonderful! (The colours! And they fit!)

    Sally Gardner, Teresa Breslin and the rest are also wonderful, of course…

  2. I’m so glad, Katherine!

    They are, but you can’t wear Sally and Theresa. Both are beautifully groomed however, and Sally in particular could be a Gudrun S sister.

    Your homework for the week is to learn umlaut on your keyboard.

  3. I too have the Theresa B on my TBR pile which is enormous, thanks to the Lancs book award books that I have to read by May 28th. And Kath, welcome to Gudrun S’s world. I have a wardrobe filled with lots of her stuff. It also, I can certify, washes well and lasts forever. And the catalogues are pleasurable in themselves.

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