Who’s the best?

If Jacqueline Wilson, who has a few books behind her, and a million or two in the bank, and who is worshipped by thousands, can meet a blogger as an equal; why can’t her musical equivalents do so? How low do you have to go not to be too grand?

Are performers in music, film, television and the theatre worth more than a ‘mere author’? And how does one judge the greatness of either? Apart from how I may feel about them personally, I mean. Does this greatness automatically preclude any contact with lowly individuals such as bloggers? I can see that if you are Sinatra (and not dead) you need an agent or two between yourself and the fans and the journalists (those properly trained professionals). But at what level do you feel able to step down from those high horses, or whatever, and meet normal people?

I find the gap between people in the book world and the world of culture surprisingly wide. As a bit of a nobody I felt it was worth trying to get an interview with Roger Whittaker last year. I mean, you can always ask. RW may be a top level singer (well I think so), but I got my interview, very much to my surprise.

I keep trying it with other ‘grand’ people. The ones I like the best are those where at least you get a reply. The bizarre thing is that it’s often the promoters who are too grand and not the ones they work for.

Late one night some time ago I accidentally found myself in direct email contact with the ‘star’ I was after. Star was positive, but said it had to go via the promoter. The vibes from the office were very polite, but you sense how unimportant a blog is, compared with even the Smallsville Times. I was given a short telephone interview slot, but I turned it down. I was sent photos which I was then not allowed to use because I couldn’t guarantee that someone else wouldn’t ‘steal’ them off the blog. Anyone can steal any photo on the internet… To be fair, I suspect I was given the photos for free where someone like the Guardian would have had to pay. But neither of us can safeguard a photo put on the web.

My interviews continue getting hits long after the day I published them. If the interviewee can link to it, there will be even more interest. You can’t photograph someone over the phone, and if using official photos comes with impossible caveats, that means no pictures at all.

I’m a witch. I will continue to pester the great and the good. But to my mind they are not worth more than the people who write my favourite books.

(The rather badly done links in this post take you to older blog posts where the lack of professionalism at Witch Towers gets discussed. I ‘reviewed‘ a concert recently, but it seems I got all of it wrong. Which is unfortunate. And here is a link to some concert photos taken by Daughter. I’d love to publish many more. Except you’re not allowed to take pictures of ‘stars’. Despite being taken with a simple camera they are far better than the ones I was offered in the case above. As you can see there was such a scrum this time that nobody minded.)

That’s quite enough ranting for one day. Apologies for my unprofessional behaviour. I’ll go out now. Maybe do an interview. Or something.

4 responses to “Who’s the best?

  1. hmm. i suspect you’re right, about being too grand or maybe the in betweeners being too grand. have they no idea what a witch can do?

  2. It seems not. I’ll have to take out an advertisement. Hang on, in a way this whole blog is supposed to advertise my wonderfulness.

  3. For anyone who doesn’t read CultureWitch (why not?), here is a link to new interview with great people who don’t believe in grand manners.

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