Victorian fantasy, and autism

I’ll offer no apologies for getting carried away with the autism in my interview with Jon Mayhew. Just a little explanation. When I looked Jon up on Facebook (the man kept popping up in almost every single conversation I was in!) I was pleasantly surprised to find he wasn’t only amusing in discussions, or only a new hopeful novelist, but he actually works with autism. And that, to me, made him really interesting.

So I thought I might befriend him. Although that witchy thought had barely entered my mind before Jon befriended me, however misguided he may have been.

Jon Mayhew

That, and the fact that I loved his book, was why I was keen to do an interview. I often feel that one book isn’t enough to sustain a conversation, but rules are there to accommodate exceptions. Witchily enough, we both had that thought at the same time, too. The interview idea, not the exceptions to rules. I’m sure Jon doesn’t want to have rules about not being interviewed on the strength of having just the one book.

Hence the Witch family outing to the Wirral, one sunny day during the Easter holidays, with Witch and Daughter in the house, and the Resident IT Consultant behind the chicken shed.

I simply couldn’t talk to Jon and ignore the autism angle. What was so good, was finding that he never stopped to explain anything, but spoke to me assuming I’d understand. He either credited me with more intelligence than most ‘experts’ have done, or he was being a little aspie about it himself. Both, maybe.

Anyway, tuck in and read! (I think he’s funny.)

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