Four out of six

The other day a pile of six newly arrived books had met up next to my armchair, so when I passed it and wasn’t too busy, I sat down for a little orientational introduction to the six. I read blurbs and press releases and peeked at some sample pages here and there.

Unfortunately I want to read four of the six books. Actually, I wouldn’t mind reading all six, which makes it a notably successful little pile. But, prune I must, so the two adult crime novels will be set aside. They can be stored for some time, and we’ll see. House arrest, that kind of thing.

The following day I was running very late with my morning chores, so when the postman in the van rang the doorbell, I wasn’t yet dressed. Covered, yes, but not in my daywear, so to speak. Strangely enough the postman sort of averted his eyes from this horrible sight as he handed over another book. But he averted his eyes before I’d opened the door, so he couldn’t possibly know what state I’d be in. Could he?

Anyway, I was hiding behind the open door. Very little could be seen of ex-neighbour’s ex-t-shirt and (my very own) matching crocs. I do realise this is more information than most of you require.

It’s the bank holiday. There will be worthier stuff tomorrow, since we are coming up to another book publication week for some people. Again.

4 responses to “Four out of six

  1. Well, you never know. It might be a kind of temple for him. As a postman, he can almost undoubtedly read, and seeing the arrival of so many books probably undoes him a bit. I’m sure it makes the route more interesting, so I wouldn’t worry about him.

  2. I’m a temple… Yes, I can see that. ; )

    He usually treats me perfectly normally, but he was less taken by the peri peri (badly packaged) which leaked into his van and all over my driveway.

  3. I thought a peri was a sort of arabian fairy? But a leaking one?!

  4. Yeah, can you just imagine the mess with those fairies all over the drive?

    No, since Seana is an American, I sort of translated piri piri for her, so it really was badly packaged spices. Don’t know whether the vanman likes hot spices. Most likely not on the floor of his van, though.

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