Della says: OMG!

My lucky eavesdrop bore fruit a few days after the love and sex event at Waterstone’s. Keris Stainton who was telling William Nicholson and Melvin Burgess about her new novel in the signing queue, very kindly offered to send me a copy of the book. I did hint very heavily, I must admit, but it was sweet of her, even so.

As Daughter said, turning the book over and studying the cover of Della says: OMG!, it’s quite good. She liked the Facebook page design, and thought the plot sounded OK too. That’s also what Meg Cabot says in her cover quote, so I reckon we are all fairly agreed on this.

This is a well written, and easy to read, book about young love. It says it’s not suitable for younger readers, but I’d like it to be read by fairly young girls. You’re only too young for it if the forthright language upsets you. It’d be worth young girls getting the message before it’s too late, so I think earlier rather than later.

Della’s diary ends up on Facebook, and gets quoted in text messages (to the new boyfriend, no less) and pages find their way to people she knows. Who’s doing this? And how will Della cope?

She and her best friend Maddy discuss their boyfriends in depth, and we see the problems facing them regarding bitchy girls, gorgeous boys, fancying more than one, and tricky sibling relationships. It’s light, but still deals with things girls like reading about.

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