Mythical witch

Aarghh..! The tables have been turned. I really, really don’t like answering questions. Meg Rosoff tried interviewing me last October and it was awful. And now Lucy Coats has had a go, too. (But I will have a cream meringue, thank you. And Earl Grey with that would be nice.)

Lucy is very nice. Very kind. I think it may have been lunch rather than tea we bonded over. It was certainly something we ate. She’s the kind of woman who opens her arms and gives even strange witches a hug. Bet she soon realised she’d been a bit hasty, but by then it was too late.

It’s obvious. Lucy decided to do a questionnaire/survey/interview thingy to see how myths have influenced people and what they think about the importance of myths. She asked the great and the good, starting with Caroline Lawrence, and following swiftly with Mary Hoffman. Then Amanda Craig, Michelle Paver, Adèle Geras and Philip Womack. The natural name to follow these people is the Bookwitch. I mean, who else is there?

The Word document with Lucy’s questions sat on my desktop for a Very Long Time. (On top of Mark Harmon’s left eyebrow, should anyone be interested.) I opened it up every now and then and looked at it, before closing it again. Hopeless. Me. It. Finding answers to very clever questions. ‘Have to tell her I can’t do it,’ I whispered to myself, repeatedly.

When Lucy published Caroline’s profile I read through it, looking for hints of what to say and how to say it. Hah.

In the end I went for irreverent, tongue-in-cheek answers that have very little to do with myths, let alone Greek ones. I have let the side down, and I’m sorry. Let’s hope it picks up next week, with a real person again.


6 responses to “Mythical witch

  1. And you know that stuff about not being a prophet at home, etc? (I don’t want to be a prophet, btw.) The Resident IT Consultant was very dismissive, and thought I hadn’t said much worth saying, at all. Could have tried being polite, while untruthful, couldn’t he?

  2. Er…. You are a Much Too Modest Witch, since I and others (including the aforementioned Caroline Lawrence) have found your mythical comments both interesting and thought-provoking. I just wish I’d come up with Caroline’s idea first. I suppose the only way for you to get your revenge for putting you through the interview torture is to turn the tables on me…!

    As for regretting my witchhug, I NEVER regret a hug–especially if it’s accompanied by cake at lunchtime. (You’re right, it was lunchtime–my memory is going). Mine’s an Earl Grey and strawberry shortbread, if you’re offering.

  3. I’ll get my revenge one day, never fear.

    I tried strawberry shortbread once and it was horrible. But they do sell it locally so I’ll get a supply in for your Stockport sojourn.

  4. havealittletalk

    I think Daughter of Aphrodite a brilliant evasion: leave them guessing.

    Harmonia? or Adrestia? Harmony or revenge?

    Tyche? Peitho? Destiny or seduction?

    Or one of the Charities?

  5. Oh, and I thought it was so obvious.

  6. Bookwitch – having already written my answers for the same interview HUGELY in advance (cos I’m a goody-goody) I was amused to see that you’d picked on Achilles’ heel, too!

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