Bookwitch bites #9

There really will be an American film version of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, after all my prognostication saying they were too late by now. Oh well, I’m sure you can’t have too many of a good film.

Jon Mayhew has gory stories. Not written by him, this time, but by young wannabes. I think Jon has cause to worry a little, because it looks like they are here to take over from him. So maybe not encourage all this rival writing?

Tall Story by Candy Gourlay may not be in the shops just yet. Soon… But I have received my real copy, and it is a beauty. This clever book now also has its own website. And Candy is counting the minutes.

If I had a trumpet I would blow it. I don’t. Will a saxophone do? Anyway, no one else will ever ask me about myths, or my opinions of the same, after reading my recent grilling by Lucy Coats. I’m incredibly flattered to be her number seven, but it would have been more my style if I’d made number six.

Reading is important, and here is another plea for people to sign the Just Read Campaign. Please sign. Or I may come after you with a hair dryer. (Sorry, inexplicable personal joke. And a bad one, at that.)

It seems even my favourite NCIS agent is reading. Or rather, Mark Harmon is. Four books, at the last count. (And that count is mine, and I’m not totally serious.) Three books 25 years ago, and more recently another one, after the filming for season 7 finished. I wonder which book?

I’m currently feeling a bit smug, which I know will come back and hit me very very soon. I reorganised my books, and have managed to keep up with what I planned to read, so any minute now the smugness will crash. I even made two piles for two planned trips, which will most likely have to be re-piled when the time comes to pack. So this feeling of being on top of things is a chimera. Unless that’s a mythical dog.



4 responses to “Bookwitch bites #9

  1. Am v jealous of your copy of Tall Story–will have to wait for mine. As I said below–you are a Too Modest Witch. And it was hardly a grilling, more like a light waft over the toaster! You are quite right about the chimera–not a mythical dog (see you DO know about all that stuff really, however much you pretend not to).

  2. You clearly don’t know your NCIS! Re chimera, I mean. And you never witnessed the shaking fits…

  3. Ah, but as you well know, there is no dog.

  4. Just got back from SCBWI retreat – thanks for the mention of my new website! Jon was at said retreat and I’m excited to see his gory stories … but yeah, why is he encouraging the competition? And Meg, where is this famous non-dog? are there proofs yet?

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