Bookwitch bites #10

Some books are more doomed than others. Or is it me who is doomed? Whatever. I realise you have all been waiting very impatiently for me to tell you what I think of Monsters of Men, the final part in the trilogy by Patrick Ness. But the book is just failing to appear, and there are only so many times I feel it’s OK to ask. It could be that there is a massive ‘steal a Patrick Ness book today’ plan in the Post Office, but somehow I doubt it.

Will it come as a surprise to you that Melvin Burgess has been accused of being a racist? It did to me. And to him. Well, Melvin went to India as as nice a man as he always was, and returned home a racist. That’s according to someone who heard him speak while he was there, and who was offended. There has since been an exchange of thoughts on Melvin’s blog, including comments from Bali Rai. And from me. Should have known better, since I was also told off, and underwent a sex change in the process; ‘and to respond to the bookwitch person’s experience, I would ask him to refrain from generalising about the Indian Pakistani relationship.’


I’m reading The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. There will be an event with Carlos at Foyles on June 2nd at 18.30. I’ve been invited, but have that very inconvenient holiday problem again. So maybe if a few others go along to hear him, it will make up for my absence? His book has been so successful elsewhere, and it’ll be interesting to see how the British take to it.

Talking of success, I noticed that House Rules by Jodi Picoult sold better than any other hardback fiction last week. I’d like to think that it’s the topic of Asperger Syndrome that caused the sales, but it might simply be down to the name Jodi Picoult. The birthday card I asked Jodi to sign for Daughter’s friend went down well last week. I suppose it’s not every day you have a birthday card from your favourite author. Not even every birthday. Think she quite liked the book, too.

It might turn out to be an embarrassment to win €250 of Irish book tokens if you’re somewhere else. But the pleasure of winning would still be yours. So unless they disqualify foreigners, here is a link to vote for the best Irish novel in the last ten years. As you will realise almost immediately, it’s not hard to choose at all. ; )

Hurry before the 27th of May.


3 responses to “Bookwitch bites #10

  1. Ms Witch –

    Were you a man – which I’m glad to report you’re not, having met you, and being unusually perceptive about such things – you would be a bookwarlock, rather than bookwizard.

    As for the racism debate: as I understand it, racism is all about denigrating another race in order to promote the superiority of another. Whether someone’s face is brown, black or creamy-pink (which I am myself, it being May, although I may bronze up a bit come July) is a matter of description, not prejudice.

    Cheers, Dec

  2. Bookwarlock! I like it. (But yes, you are perceptive…)

    My creamy-pinkness is also shifting at the moment. I don’t think we were ever totally white, were we?

  3. I think possibly a long debate about sexism is in order now. However, please excuse me, I have a life to lead (did enjoy a few minutes of the Melvin debate, but it did go on).

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