Light reading at bedtime

It felt unexpectedly heavy, that unexpected weight on my feet, as I slid into bed, late. Well, attempted to slide, anyway. I’m so very kind and caring (even if I do say so myself) that I do not put the light on if I’m last into bed. I try to have a calm and organised bedroom, but it doesn’t always work out so well.

So as I discovered this unexpected lump on top of where my feet should go, I felt with my hand in the dark, and encountered a book. Of course. The Resident IT Consultant is under the impression that any horizontal area is an OK place to leave a book. Or ten. I have tried to suggest that encountering the unexpected in the dark may make me scream. Not because I’m scared. Because I prefer the duvet to be the only cover at night.

But then I consider the bad effects of waking people up in the middle of the night, so keep my screaming to the absolute minimum. Fuming to myself, I lifted the book off my bed and dumped it on the floor, avoiding the temptation to fling it. Far.

As I got up in the morning and could see again, I looked at the evidence of the curious incident in the night time. The Colossal Book of Mathematics, no less. No wonder it felt uncomfortable.

Some people…

But it does seem like the perfect bedtime reading. It’d send me to sleep in a minute.

8 responses to “Light reading at bedtime

  1. Was it to help you count sheep?

  2. No, these mathematicians are so complicated, they can’t even leave the sheep to be counted normally.

  3. Sheep are popping up on another site on your side of the pond as well. Rob Kitchen has done not one but two posts on sheep in the last couple of days. The first is fun, the second, well, isn’t.

  4. Sorry, must have done something wrong on that second link.

  5. Now it wasn’t I who introduced the sheep!

    Last night Daughter put a great big heavy ‘something’ on top of me in bed. It was her found-at-last physics exam papers.

  6. What is going on in your household? Are they trying to kill you with their erudition or something?

  7. They need to bring to my attention that they are better than me.

    I’m off to Uppsala in a few minutes…

  8. Safer there, I’m sure.

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