The Midland, the tea and Frank

I’m beside myself with excitement, and that may well be a good place to be. Which will be best? Afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel in Manchester? Or afternoon tea at the Midland in the company of Frank Cottrell Boyce? (And a few others, I have to admit.)

Have long (very long) wanted to enter that establishment and never quite worked up the courage to do so. Yes, I hear you say. It doesn’t sound like me at all. But now, thanks to the Manchester Children’s Book Festival the Midland will be graced by the presence of a real bookwitch. If it looks too grand I’ll hide in a darkened corner, just so I can listen to Frank. There will be a quiz, which I’ll stand no chance of winning, and a reading. It’s the grand finale to four days of bookfestivalling.

I’ll miss Michael Rosen. Story of my life, that. I’ll be touring Fickling county when the festival starts on Thursday 1st July, and I’m travelling through Bali Rai-shire as it continues, with lots and lots of educational events. Carol Ann Duffy is at the helm of this great venture, and you can read more about it here. Carol Ann and Jeanette Winterson will also head the gala dinner at the Midland on Friday night.

Provided all that broomsticking doesn’t finish me off completely, I’ll be there on day three, however, and what a programme there is! Frank, again, Liz Kessler and Cathy Cassidy for all us girls, and Steve Cole for, um well, us girls again and for the boys, too. Adèle Geras and Mary Hoffman will be getting romantic and historical, which I know they’ll do well. And there is a big discussion on teen lit with Kevin Brooks, Keith Gray, and Sherry Ashworth.

My main fear is that I’ll be so knackered after Saturday that it’ll be hard to crawl out of bed for tea with FCB.


6 responses to “The Midland, the tea and Frank

  1. I see you have been spammed!

    Now to make you jealous: I stayed at the Midland Hotel for a whole fortnight (may have been longer) when I was 12. All expenses paid. Courtesy of Granada TV. Ah, those were the days.

  2. This was during your film star days, was it? I’m green with envy, Mr Green.

    Re spam; I like people to be reasonably grammatical. Especially if they are ungrammatical on the topic of being good at writing.

  3. If it’s any consolation, the whole experience was a profoundly miserable one. But the hotel is v. v. nice. I remember being wowed just walking into that enormous lobby. That was the high point… it sort of went downhill from there.

  4. Oh dear.

    Well, one of my fellow stuffers at the Hallé went on a guided tour including afternoon tea, and he was very positive. But then he didn’t have to actually stay there…

  5. I was invited to Christmas Tea at the Midland by David Wood a couple of years ago. I didn’t eat for a whole week afterwards. Seriously! It was out of this world. And BTW I am also on that teen panel now…Jenny Valentine couldn’t do it so I’ve been promoted from the subs’ bench.

  6. Glad to hear it, Adèle. I was so surprised when I found Jenny’s name not on the programme and wondered if I’d been hallucinating again.

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