Bookwitch bites #15

The prodigal Son looked at the kitchen calendar when he returned from his long exile, and said that he thought that was a very good photo of Adèle Geras. Especially the nail coming out of her head. And I suppose it’s true that the nail and the photo are more closely connected than you’d otherwise expect. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt. Or not too much.

Tickets for the Edinburgh International Book Festival go on sale today, which reminds me that I haven’t even looked at what I want to do yet. Must get round to it. Must.

I don’t believe I sat down and predicted anything for the Carnegie this year. The shortlist was good, and I’d have been happy for any one to be the winner. Neil Gaiman has now won rather a lot of awards for The Graveyard Book, and he seems to be the kind of author who gets more negative responses for a win than most others. He needn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and in most cases it’s never about the writer anyway. And in my mind The Graveyard Book is marvellous enough to merit winning, even if it’s not always ‘fair’, and even though I’d have been very happy to see one of the others win instead.

It’s the Lancashire Book of the Year today, so hopefully Preston Town Hall is yet again full of young readers and shortlisted authors, presided over by Adèle Geras, among others.

Swedish media have thought of nothing but The Wedding for a long time. Crown Princess Victoria got married last Saturday, and I hope she’ll be happy with her Prince Daniel. Some of the discussions on the internet reminded me of what Philip Pullman said about Victoria, after he met her five years ago. He felt she’s just like a Princess ought to be, if there are to be princesses. I’d have linked to his piece here, except with the revamped website, I believe Philip’s old newsletters disappeared.

Nick Green - The Cat Kin

Finally! I have a copy of the new version of The Cat Kin in my hands (and aren’t you impressed that I can type and hold a book at the same time?) Whereas I did like the old cover, I must agree with Nick Green himself, and everyone else that the new cover image is so much more suited to the story. You can virtually see that the children have become cats, and you can see the action they get involved in. It looks exciting, and you have the place made obvious with the Gherkin in the background.

I want you all to go out and get a copy, and to remember what a good reading gift it will make for children aged about eight and up. While I go and wipe the bootprint off the letter that accompanied the book…

3 responses to “Bookwitch bites #15

  1. How good to see you remember Preston last year! No photos of the event this year as Daughter wasn’t there…never mind. It was, as usual, a wonderful occasion and this time I wore a dress that didn’t get fluff all over it! I am going to write about it briefly on AN AWFULLY BIG BLOG ADVENTURE tomorrow!

  2. We’ll need to know more about the dress, and also who was there. My trusted photographer and I have hobbled round Nottingham university today.

  3. Am waiting for my copy of The Cat Kin to arrive – looking forward to it!

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