Getting it right

I’m afraid that while I’m on holiday you may have to put up with some more lightweight blog content. Not that I’m terribly heavyweight normally, except in my own personal way.

It was not my veggie instincts that sat up a little straighter on the plane on Friday. But when I heard the steward announce the reindeer sandwiches, my language guard hiccuped a wee bit. I know full well what they are, but I wavered between visualising a whole reindeer with a slice of bread either side, or purely a sandwich for reindeer.


Or as the Resident IT Consultant said, when the tiny (not ours, obviously) children ask why there are no Christmas presents come December, someone will have to break it to them that the plane passengers ate Rudolf & Co.

Daughter and I got it fairly right by requesting seats at the plane’s kindergarten end. Whereas Son hates it, and the Resident IT Consultant asked to be seated by a window not over the wing (which meant we didn’t actually have to sit with him), Daughter and I have discovered the amount of legroom you get in two particular seats on this particular kind of plane. But you do have to share the baby end of the plane. Although we saw such cute babies, it was OK.

The engine sound made Daughter turn into a Dalek, so possibly we belonged in kindergarten anyway.

Luckily we weren’t seated in the train’s quiet coach, as our journey continued. The guard was very linguistically able, since how many Virgin guards do you get making announcements in French? But it was a relief not having to engage in ‘lower kinds of conversation’. One works so hard at bettering oneself, that this type of instruction would feel like taking rather too many steps backwards.

Mr and Mrs Vet took time out of their heavy work schedule to bring us their spare car as we stepped off our multilingual train. They foresee so many ill animals over the next week or so, that they have an unwanted, but oil-thirsty, Saab to lend.

It’s been a busy couple of days. With a bit of luck the bookwitch will soon be back to reading books. What I won’t be reading immediately is the newspaper. For the first time in years it looks like I forgot to arrange my subscription to the local paper.

Must have been busy. Or simply forgetful.

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