Nice and neurotic, and a nut

A nice Artemis Fowl is not a pretty sight. But it’s what you get in Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex. After so many books it goes without saying that Eoin Colfer has to try the new and the shocking, and ‘ruin’ Artemis for us.

Not really ruin, though. There is method behind the madness, and there is the charming and poetic Orion to, ahem, make up for Artemis’s  shortcomings. Most seem to have something to do with bivouacs. Always a reliable thing, bivouacs.

I thought I detected a stain in my copy, so asked the obvious question of the Resident IT Consultant. Had he already read it? No, he didn’t see the need to read yet another one. That man is so wrong, you know. And I’m fairly sure he will read, and very soon. And most likely leave some remnant of tea or orange juice behind.

Nice Artemis. Yes. It’s not nice. But the boy is ill. Atlantis Complex sounds worse than chicken pox. And four is unlucky in China, as we well know. Build a bivouac.

It’s all very well having Artemis lose his grip, but I was seriously concerned for Butler for a moment, and that is serious. Mulch Diggums, on the other hand, is so reliably gallant and cowboyish as to be almost abnormal. Thankfully the toilet humour is still there.

Foaly has a few blind spots this time. About time, I say, that the centaur gets to see what it’s like ‘in the field’.

Thank goodness for Holly Short, though. Holly is the real heroine. And you know, I do believe Artemis quite likes her. It’s just that being Artemis he can’t admit to it.

And Mrs Fowl is turning into a promising character. I’d say Artemis didn’t get all his cunning from daddy Fowl. Also, should Eoin have a need to branch out, there is scope to do things with Myles and Beckett. Not to mention Orion. Perhaps they could build a bivouac?

15 responses to “Nice and neurotic, and a nut

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  2. 😀 im very excited for the release of this book in AUS. what i want to know is whatever happened to Minerva from book 5? she seems to have simply left the picture 😦 still, a great series and i hope the next book lives up to my expectations 🙂

  3. I would guess that Eoin worked out that most fans are young and many are male, and love and romance is a bit ‘yuck’. So he doesn’t want to turn fans off. But this is what he said when I interviewed him after book 5:

    ‘There might be romance, and he may write more about Minerva, but not necessarily as Artemis’s girlfriend. He hasn’t decided yet what to do with the fact that all the characters apart from Artemis have aged three years. But Eoin looks happy at the thought that he could do just about anything with this situation.’

    I still suspect there will be more Holly-Artemis romance…

  4. I am so excited for the release in Canada 😀 I have to wait nearly a fortnight after U.K and Ireland 😥 Artemis Fowl is my favorite series ever! I can’t believe Artemis will become NICE!

    -anxiously awaiting the next installment!

  5. I just discovered your blog and wish to thank you for the heads up on the latest Artemis book. I immediately put it on the library hold list but I may break down and buy it. I’m in Canada but I’m not sure when it is released over here.
    I enjoy your humour and will continue to pop in now and then for a peek. Enjoy the summer.

  6. Thank you very much, Giselle.

    I think it’s out on the 3rd of August, so not many days now.

  7. I heard roumers that there is only going to be 1 more Fowl book after atlantis complex. SAY IT AIN’T TRUE!!!
    I love the AF series and got the new book the second it was out. (there are some advantages to living in Ireland, my 2 fav authors are I rish so that means the books are out here first!!) But ye the romance kinda DOES ruin it for me. YES I’m a 13 year old girl but I sure ain’t normal that’s for sure!!!!!!

  8. Artemis Fowl will make a comeback for sure, just as anti-hero, just as devious (though maybe not to the ‘evil’ degree) and just as Arty! 🙂
    Yeah…I’m not into the ‘romance’ factor entering Artemis Fowl, even though I am both girl and thirteen. Here’s to not being normal! Who wants to be normal? … But nothin’ beats a bad boy anti-hero. And why did Root have to be killed off? My exact words were “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (sob, cry, sniffle)”
    Anyway, I shall always love the Artemis Fowl series, even when I am seventy, and from there to eighty.

  9. It’s quite nice to tease Artemis, though. And his hormones should keep him on his feet, and confuse him a little.

  10. Whooh!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Weird people rule the world!!!!!!

  11. do you know when it will be out in australia

  12. 2nd August, I believe, Em.

  13. In short, I thought the thing that bothered me the most in this book is that what I loved about the series the most was the daring, ingenious plans that unfolded into beautiful action scenes testing each character’s mental and physical capabilities to the limit, the odds mercilessly stacked against them. The Artemis Fowl protagonists make their own luck in their own unique way. I was hoping for an improvement from the Time Paradox and a fresh new crisis that would stretch the limits of the characters to the point that it forces character development. While I must acknowledge that it has been a few months since I read the novel and I might be missing something, the book seemed to have left me with the impression of some generic Saturday morning cartoon. The characters seemed to be whisked through the story and scenes by “luck”. Not the self made luck that comes from years of preparation and skill but the luck that “the chosen one” gets for being the main character.

    There is something that happens too often to pieces of media that are works of beauty, a masterpiece. It could be a movie, a TV-series, a book, a video game, or something else. The world of media is swamped with mildly entertaining mediocrity but when a “masterpiece” or something comparable comes out like, Harry Potter, Halo, Modern Warfare 2, Lord of the Rings, the Dark Knight, and others they make what amounts to sometimes billions of dollars. Then, shortly after something mediocre is made that makes MORE money than its predecessor simply because of its reputation. Sometimes you have seen the prime of the series or it could be a hiccup, pulling through later with better content. It seemed that the first five books in Artemis Fowl were beautiful, being consistently better than the proceeding book. Maybe Colfer just needs a break but the last two books have seemed to fallen to above average and average categories respectively. I hope that the series can be renewed in the future and hopefully it has not ran out of steam and does not fall further into obscurity.

    Whatever the future brings Artemis Fowl (at least the first five books) is still an exceptional series and is considered by me to be a masterpiece.

  14. I’ll drink to that! In agreement, I think Artemis and friends could be doing a lot better for themselves. I loved each word spoken by Artemis after seeing him change believably, like criminal mastermind, to criminal mastermind with a small bit of Robbin Hood thrown in, but now his change is just a bit OTT. I believe – and hope – that Colfer will make a comeback. But I really do wish he’d stop killing off the epicness that is the Commanders.

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