Sandboxes, String shelves and reading chairs

The Resident IT Consultant has been busy. The deck has been oiled. The chairs are being oiled. They are very thirsty, which may be because they have been somewhat ignored. Except when we sit down in them, obviously.


But he’s not building anything. Yet. I have hinted, but deep down I know it’s not really his thing. We have a garage full of driftwood should the urge make itself known. Though what I’m really after – besides a new and much larger deck – are some homemade Adirondack chairs. My house magazine suggests they are dead easy to build at home.

That magazine also makes out a lot of other things are dead easy to build yourself. Multistorey sandboxes. That kind of thing. Luckily we have nobody that size at the present time, so may defer.

Sand castle

We have plenty of trees, but not necessarily ones suitable to wrap in a bench. Or could it be they are mostly for grannies reading to the grandchildren?

Tree bench

And then there is crime. Plenty of it on these shelves. And in English, too. The String shelf – obvious name – was very popular when the bookwitch was a child. The neighbours had one, but we never did. I suspect it’s because we had too many books, even at that time. Then they were hopelessly out of fashion until they inevitably became the thing to have. Now you can get them in almost any colour or wood type. I want very much, but still have too many books. I was intrigued by how many crime novels in English they used for this advertisement picture. Very blue.

Blue String

I will attempt to refrain from photographing more pages in magazines in the near future.

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