Am I too nice and friendly?

Let me know when you’ve stopped laughing and got back up from the floor. I trust it wasn’t too dusty down there. It would have been, had you rolled on my floor.

Someone sent me a cutting from Dagens Nyheter, where Andreas Palmaer pondered the niceness of children’s books blogs. Far too sweet, rather like white chocolate, seemed to be the verdict. First he compared adult authors with children’s authors, pointing out that where the former may look for reviews of their most recent book in the newspapers, the latter may have to make do with a single mention on someone’s blog. And that’s a bit of a let-down.

So, is it good that blogs mention books that would otherwise be ignored? (If that’s true.)

Andreas goes on to say that the drawback with the blog review is the general sweetness of it all. We love too much, apparently.

Well, you should hear me at the dinner table, moaning about the rubbish I see. Or worse, that I’ve wasted reading time actually reading.

Too much enthusiasm has its negative sides. The love-bombing gets monotonous. It jars that we are seen to ‘jolly children’s books along’. On the other hand, us bloggers are more free thinking and up-to-date than the boring old press, and write about newer and fresher stuff.

Well, thank you.

I’m off to continue reading my current book. It will have no need for surplus sugar when the time comes, because it’s fantastic. And I won’t be the only one saying so.

8 responses to “Am I too nice and friendly?

  1. Maybe you should take a poll.

  2. Too scared. What if people think I’m nice?

    And what if people think I’m not?

  3. The whole point is, if a book is bad, it is made perfectly clear by the silence that surrounds it. Unless the publicist is total rubbish, decent book should find their way to reviewers and bloggers.

  4. I’m still wondering if any actual children read kid-lit blogs. It seems not, but I wonder how nice they would be.

  5. And here I wanted to be truly helpful by assuring you that … but then I saw your comment to Seana.

    Well, what´s one supposed to say now? I´d better slink away to Donna´s blog, there´s a woman who appreciates my honesty.

  6. You have to rely on the old antagonism between Swedes and Danes. I understand that in the eastern parts of Denmark there used to be a saying that you should do your good deed for the day by escorting a Swede back onto the ferry.

  7. And “nothing hurts like the truth” ;D

  8. OK, I’m on the boat already…

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