Things I’m not doing #2

Like I said last week, Swedes enjoy their cultural events. Monday night for the last few weeks have been events night at Halmstad library. But don’t go and get all excited, because I still haven’t been. At 100 kronor a go, it’s simply too dear, especially once you discover that you aren’t alone, but there are two more people needing admitting. And the added risk, as with last week’s event, is that it gets sold out before you’re even in.

Sandor Slash Ida

This week it was Sara Kadefors, who I’ve heard such a lot about. She wrote a much talked about teen book called Sandor Slash Ida (and that’s not as horrible at is sounds; nothing knife slashy, as far as I know), which I was really tempted to put in front of Son some years ago, since someone suggested it might be easy enough language-wise that he could read a novel in Swedish. But I didn’t, and I haven’t read it myself.

It would have been an ideal opportunity to sit in on some Swedish YA discussion, except it seemed that Sara was meant to talk about an adult book of hers. I don’t know whether it’s simply that you talk about your most recent novel, or if it’s the case that YA writing is too youthful to merit flocks of people handing over their 100 kronor.

But it’s good that the library arranges evenings like this one, and it looked to me as if all four authors listed for this July’s entertainment were big names in the literary world.

Had I been lucid in the last few weeks, I would have found this event in time, and in order to avoid paying for it, I’d have worked out some solution regarding cost and availability. I didn’t and I haven’t.

One response to “Things I’m not doing #2

  1. And here is what Hallandsposten thought of it.

    So-so, in actual fact.

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