2 kilos of YA books, please

Next to the church where the very very small bookwitch received her more ‘normal’ name, many many years ago, there is a bookshop. Naturally.

Storkyrkan, Varberg

This shop saved the Resident IT Consultant the other day when we made a quick trip to Varberg. Daughter and witch had urgent business in a shop selling, well, other stuff, and the mere thought of the suffering this would cause him, helped him remember that there is a bookshop across the square, whither he repaired.

Books by weight

They had a box outside with books priced at 60 kronor per kilo. That would translate as approximately £6 for three paperbacks, except many of these were hardbacks, so you’d get more like two, perhaps. There were some good ones, including Artemis Fowl and Zizou Corder’s Lion Boy and Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

Varberg seagull

The seagull (it may not be one, but it’s what I will call it anyway) is large. Very large. That’s because it frequents the pizzeria two streets away. It’s capable of flying carrying half a Swedish pizza (=big) in its beak. It sometimes has afternoon tea at the castle terrace café, which is very nice, although it doesn’t like the invisible fishing lines they’ve got crisscrossing the place, trying to catch unwary seagulls. They may lose their heads.

Close to the square is the street where GP Cousin grew up. He was always talking about his pal Lasse Widding who worked in the hotel across the road. Some years later your bookwitch did a course in literature at the University of Gothenburg, where she was part of a project group which included a young man with a very similar name. I had been surprised that a famous author like Widding would need a hotel job (and also that he’d be friends with GP Cousin). It was all explained by this name similarity. He wasn’t Widding at all.

Hotell Gästis, Varberg

The circle was complete when, more recently, I read in the paper that the hotel is now owned by the Widding sound-alike. Every time I walk past I’m taken in by the man in the doorway. Neither of them are real.

And one of the most important things about Varberg are the ‘raggare‘ and their cars. Daughter was beside herself at the sight of this beauty. I seriously suspect she’ll have to go and live in Varberg one day.

Raggarbil i Varberg

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