Molly and the Night Monster

I mentioned this picture book back in January. It’s another of ‘my’ Random meetings books that has become ‘real’ at long last.

It’s funny because it’s the one where the discussion was centred on the colour of the book title on the cover. Chris Wormell’s Molly and the Night Monster has already been published in hardback, so it was the design for the paperback the Random team had on the agenda. The picture is the same as before, of a bear and a crocodile (tail of) in a very nice smokey blue colour. And I rather favoured orange letters.

They had mocked up a variety of colours so we could have a good look and decide. As you may remember, I really wanted to have my say, but felt it wasn’t my place.

Now that I have the finished book in my hands, they have picked the orange. And the red. And the blue. It’s a mix of coloured letters on a pale yellow rectangular background. So much for the choice of colours. Maybe they were overcome by it all.

So to the story, which is lovely. It’s about a little girl in bed at night, who ‘sees’ all sorts of monsters coming up the stairs. And then she catches one.

It’s such a wonderful book. The blue pictures are truly beautiful, and it’s a good bedtime story. Unless the monsters keep you awake.

(And, yes, I really ought to show you the cover here, so you can see for yourself. But, when I surfed for the image, the only ones that appeared were the old ones. And what good would those do?)

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