Bookwitch bites #20

Lots of new books this week, just ready to take on holiday. (It’s good for you. See below for proof.)  I am not managing to keep pace with Lucy Coats and her Greek Beasts, the last four of which are now out for your enjoyment. And Mary Hoffman’s Troubadour is out in paperback. The second book in Alex Scarrow’s TimeRiders series called Day of the Predator has just been published, but I’m afraid I’ve not had time to read it. Story of my life.

I may be away from it all, but I’m still capable of discovering the odd gold nugget. As I turned to the really quite excellent teen blog Tonårsboken the other day, I noticed they’ve branched out and are doing interviews. Well, one anyway. They liked Rachel Ward’s Numbers so much that they emailed her with some questions ‘in impeccable English’ according to Rachel. And within 24 hours they had her answers translated and published. In times when far too many bloggers blog quite boringly and badly, it’s great to see two 15-year-olds do so much and to do it so well.

It looks like Nick Green has finished revamping his website. I notice he’s used my excellent photo again. It’s from Bolton two years ago. I really will have to set Daughter on him to come up with something new. But I’m glad he likes the picture enough to recycle it. (My bill’s in the post, Mr Green.)

In a New York Times blog Tara Parker-Pope writes about the importance of reading. It’s good to know that you can measure the advances gained in reading by just making sure children have one book to read over the summer holidays. And her argument is back to the old idea that to read anything at all is better than to read nothing. Even if it’s about Hannah Montana.

3 responses to “Bookwitch bites #20

  1. Thanks for the shout out for Troubadour paperback, my witchy friend. And I’m sorry you weren’t back in time for the launch, which was fun.

  2. Oh, so that’s what you and Bloomsbury were doing? Wasn’t thinking properly.

  3. Thanks for the mention – I was surprised to be contacted by Elin of Tonarsboken but impressed with her enterprise, her questions and, not least, her English. It’s an unexpected but lovely thing to watch your book make its way into different countries…

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